Krakow 2015-06-13

In La Habana, Kazimierz

La Habana, Bozena Jasiak, 31-055 Krakow, ul. Miodowa 22.

No wifi, but a nice place. No English but if you speak Polish or
French or just smile and pick something from the blackboard (which,
confusingly, is mostly in English) all will go well.

Cuban backgound music makes a change from endless covers of English
and American pop music.

You can watch endless processions of electric buggies driving past
from the table by the door.

Picked at random Mazio Beer, turns out to be half and half beer and
some sort of red juice, very pleasant at 10:15 (that's in the morning
for the chronologically challenged).

Unfortunately for cider drinkers they only have Strongbow instead of
any of the really quite nice Polish ciders. By that I mean nice in
comparison to Strongbow, Somersby, etc.; not to be compared with a
good Devon farm cider of course.

I see from the various fliers on the tables that Zywiec now make a
pale ale.

Earlier on I stepped out of the way to allow one of the electric
buggies park and the driver remarked on my bare feet and told me that
there is a famous Polish television personality who does a travel
program called 'Around the world barefoot'.

Please excuse the lack of decoration on the Polish characters in
Zywiec, etc. Perhaps I should write some sort of add on for Emacs or
Markdown. Or better still install one that someone has already

Did 17762 steps today! That's about 14km, makes up a little for the
tiny amount of walking necessary to get to the office and back during
the week.


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