Kraków 8th..19th June 2015

The ongoing real ale revolution

Now that Poland has enthusiastically joined the movement for
interesting beer it’s odd to visit a restaurant (Ariel’s Restaurant in
Kazimierz) and find that they only have Zywiec and Heineken.

Cafés I like

NapNap on ul. Zwierzyniecka has good food, decent coffee and is
barefoot friendly. By barefoot friendly I mean more than simply not
throwing one out. One guy serving there said he tried it for six
weeks but the streets of Krakow were too tough for him. I suppose he
had a point, the cobbles in some places in and around Rynek Glowny are
a bit challenging with sharp edges, irregular gaps and so on but I
like it because of the wide variety of surfaces.

Another good one is just across the road: Amano. Some similarities to
the food in NapNap but in addition they sell beer; had a nice
unfiltered beer called Miłosław from Browar Fortuna.

And of course if you like to read while eating and drinking you should
visit Massolit Books on ul. Felicjanek. The menu is limited but
sufficient for snacking while browsing, usually quiche, rhubarb and
strawberry pie, sweet and dry cider, various coffees and teas. I
think they might also sell wine or at least used to. Of course the
main attraction is the bookshop which is one of the best English
language bookshops you can find anywhere especially for history,
social studies, language studies (grammars, readers, dictionaries for
all sort of languages including most European plus Chinese and
Japanese) they also have a small but deep selection of science books
(I got Hawking’s On the Shoulders of Giants there for a fraction of
it’s cover price).


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