Must Stop Jumping To Conclusions

2015-07-15 Wed 22:11 +0200

Message to self: read all the instructions.

Cloned MEGA's github repository:

git clone -b stable

Then a quick skim of the readme and off I went with:

sudo make install

Well at least that was the plan. In fact, of course, it didn't get as
far as make because I hadn't read the prerequisites carefully enough
so some libraries were missing. The fact that the same library has
different names in different Linux distributions didn't help. Of
course before I got everything properly installed I created a bug
report on github and almost immediately got a reply from
wizzard asking for the contents of
config.log which I added just as I realized which libraries were
missing. sergiohs84 also pointed out
what the libcrypto library is called on Debian/Ubuntu machines. Of
course I didn't see it in Synaptic earlier because I was looking for
what ./configure said it couldn't find: libcryptopp

My only, feeble excuse, is that my C++ days are long ago and all but
forgotten, I simply didn't see that pp == ++.

Anyway, after that it all ran very smoothly and the example
examples/megacli works perfectly as far as I can see with yet
another cursory glance.

So, thanks MEGA, wizzard, and sergiohs84.


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