xmlrpc and WordPress

Having a lot of trouble with Python and xmlrpc. It seems that an
immense amount of junk is being sent, apparently well formed junk but
the WordPress server still doesn't like it. It seems that the xmlrpc
library is creating a call that includes all possible document types
quite unnecessarily.

Meanwhile my functioning cUrl version has stopped working because I
included an ampersand in an image filename which by the time I try to
extract it has been replaced by an html entity name and of course
there is no such file, so I have to translate it back.

Well, now it isn't complaining any more. But it doesn't seem to be
uploading the image either. Or it is uploading it but is deleting the
image element instead of rewriting it with the proper url.

Examination of the html on wp confirms that the img src is broken,
only http:// remains.

It also reveals something else and that every line end in a hard
break. Why? Looks like markdown detects paragraphs by blank lines so
why does it end lines with a
element. But
Daring Fireball
says that markdown doesn't add breaks unless the line ends with two or
more space so it must be WordPress that is doing it. Examination of
the temporary file shows that markdown does not add breaks. So how do
I tell WP to not do it?


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