Shanghai arrival


I’m a romantic brought up as a republican or is it the other way round?

Watching Brave after George Gently is not a good idea for a child of the 60’s. The contrast between the idealism of George Gently and the ghastly romanticism of Disneyfied Scottish royalty is hard to take.On another occasion i might find Brave amusing but just now out signifies all that is wrong with the modern world, an excess of romanticism that idealises royalty and traditional power.

Why can’t MS make a decent text editor?

In Emacs if I hold down the up or down arrow keys to go from line to line the editor remembers the column number that I was on when I started and tries to put the cursor on that column in the next or previous line.  It remembers this column number even if the line I move to doesn’t have that many columns so that when I move the cursor again if the next line does have that many then that is where the cursor will go.

In Visual Studio (all versions as far as I know) the column number is always reset to the minimum of the starting column number and the length of the line.

This makes it a right royal pain in the rear to edit several related lines that are separated by shorter ones and almost forces you to use the mouse for what should be a simple keyboard operation.

Is there a setting that controls this brain-dead behaviour?